AI Model Risk, Meet Mitratech’s AI Governance Solution.

Fully embrace the opportunities of AI technology with an AI Governance solution that helps you confidently discover and manage all the associated risks. 

How do you balance continuous AI innovation with regulatory compliance?

By automating the discovery of all AI Applications and managing the full governance lifecycle easily within a comprehensive platform. 

At Mitratech, we’ve developed a truly comprehensive AI Governance solution that can help with:

  • Out-of-the-box templates aligned with key frameworks (like NIST AI Risk Management) to help you easily understand requirement updates as regulators push forward with orders like the EU AI Act and the US AI Executive Order. 

  • Market-leading discovery capabilities for AI Model Risk that can help you discover, monitor, and mitigate risk outside of IT’s control and extend to areas (like third parties) that are further than your team can currently manage.

  • One comprehensive GRC platform that allows you to move beyond siloed, distributed systems and collaborate across the entire AI Application governance lifecycle.

The cross-industry adoption of AI technologies to increase productivity, elevate customer experiences, and boost operational gains is accelerating at a rapid rate. With regulators pushing to establish go-to frameworks and business leaders expressing a lack of expertise on the topic, the time is now for better AI Governance.


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