How to Build a Cyber Risk Program with Limited Resources

Tips for aligning your cyber risk management roadmap with your organization's core objectives (and bottom line) amid tightening budgets and staffing challenges. 

There are 3 hurdles currently standing between you and a more robust cyber risk program.

Get the expert-tested best practices and step-by-step insights on how to: 

  1. Bridge the gap of technical knowhow left by staffing challenges 
  2. Connect risk management with your bottom line to secure buy-in amid shrinking budgets 
  3. Leverage risk quantification and continuous monitoring to stay one step ahead of 3rd- and 4th-party risk 

We're picked the brains of a leading Third-Party Risk expert, CISO, and GRC technology strategist to deliver a candid look at today's current trends (think Chat GPT, the 4th-party ecosystem, and more!) and help you uncover the best go-forward plan for your department. Read it for free today.

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