Building an EUC inventory framework 101: start here

Explore best practices for bringing your end-user computing (EUC) inventory to life.

Could you use a little help keeping track of your EUCs (and the controls you set around them) across departments?

Learn the tips that can help you:

  • Capture all of your company’s EUCs in one comprehensive, centralized repository
  • Calculate the materiality of each EUC in terms of its financial, regulatory, operational or reputational risk and impact
  • Leverage built-in workflows to continuously monitor and update your EUCs based on their materiality / assigned tier

Not having the right controls in place (and evidence of those controls) leaves you exposed - especially given the expanded definitions of models under SS1/23, which subjects non-models and EUCs to similar governance requirements.

Download the White Paper today to explore which data to capture, where to look, how to stay objective, and which questions to ask when building out your comprehensive and defensible EUC inventory. 

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