Developing Your Shadow IT Inventory: Start Here [Checklist + Best-Practice Guide]

The average enterprise contains 4-10 times as many shadow IT applications as corporate-managed apps (think uncontrolled, unauthorized, and unseen technologies) — and they pose greater risks than you think.

Download our guide to learn about the system-based approach to managing your shadow IT. We’ll dive into:

  • 3 steps to determining the materiality of your shadow IT 
  • 6 questions to ask when evaluating your discovery tools 
  • What you need to know about qualitative and quantitative monitoring

By embracing comprehensive discovery, building a centralized inventory, and subjecting it to continuous monitoring strategies, businesses can bring hidden technologies into the light. It’s not too late to get started — and with the rise of distributed workforces and increased regulation, it has never been more important.

Download the Guide