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Why Your Board & Stakeholders Are About to Ask You About Your IT Risk Technology

60% of CFOs are deeply involved in their company's cyber risk responses and strategies — and for good reason.

The attention on IT Risk and Cybersecurity risk management policies is reaching new heights ( again), and your Board is about to start asking questions.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is moving quickly to propose amendments to current cybersecurity reporting and periodic disclosures that will require you to have a better understanding of: 
  • Your approach to identifying, managing, and reporting on cybersecurity risks
  • The role management plays in implementing cybersecurity policies and procedures
  • How the proposal will impact your company’s strategies (now or later)
  • The questions your stakeholders are about to ask
  • The performance-driven tools and data you’ll need to be able to answer their questions
Join Henry Umney, Mitratech’s Managing Director of GRC Strategy, Seth Rosensweig, Partner of Cyber, Risk, and Regulatory at PwC, & Samrah Kazmi, Chief Innovation Officer and Head of Risk Partnerships at RESRG as they discuss how to close the gap on risk exposure and set your company up for long-term success under the SEC’s latest proposals.

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