PlatoBI DataShare for Mitratech Alyne

Connect Risk Data from Mitratech Alyne with Data from Other BI Tools for a Holistic View of Risk Across your Enterprise

Get a holistic view of risk from across your tech stack

With PlatoBI DataShare, customers can share their risk management data from Alyne into Mitratech's PlatoBI tool, where they can report on data from Alyne, consolidate it with other products from across the Mitratech suite, and connect their own Business Intelligence tools, such as Tableau and PowerBI.  

With PlatoBI DataShare, you can:

  • Connect risk data from across multiple products, platforms, and reporting systems into one data warehouse
  • Ensure risk data shares the same reporting language
  • Break down information silos and provide a holistic view of risk from across the entire organization

Discover more about Mitratech PlatoBI and the new DataShare feature for Alyne in the Brochure.

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