Regulations without borders:

The importance of TPRM and extended enterprise risk management as your global network grows

Risk is no longer bound to your headquarters.

It's time to keep you (and your vendors) compliant with regulations in every region where you operate.

Download the infographic to get a better understanding of:

  • Which geographic regulations you need to keep an eye on heading into 2024 
  • Which related parties you need to extend internal policies and procedures to in order to ensure they’re compliant as well
  • Top industry statistics and figures surrounding cyber threats, ESG, Generative AI, and more 
It’s one thing to achieve, monitor, and report on compliance within your organization, but to elevate that success to a larger scale, you’ll need better visibility and control across your full value chain. 

This infographic will help you keep your vendors, partners, and other third parties compliant with your internal policies and procedures — especially as your ecosystem grows.

Download the Infographic