The Ultimate End-User Computing (EUC) Checklist

Drill into the questions that should guide your framework for defining, managing, and evidencing end-user computing (EUC) risk. 

In a world where employees leverage user-centered applications (like Excel, Access, Python, and other democratized tools), IT departments worry about encroaching risks — and for good reason.

It’s time to create a more flexible, informed, and efficient EUC framework. Our comprehensive checklist can help with: 

  • Defining and categorizing your company's end-user computing risks based on business impact
  • Establishing the necessary controls needed to manage and monitor those EUCs
  • Evidencing that your controls, monitoring, and reporting are in place and effective 
In today’s environment, it’s highly likely you’ll be asked about your EUC management program. Get prepared for every question with the Ultimate EUC Checklist.

Download the Checklist